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Chelation Therapy

Relief from the Degeneration of Circulatory Disorders

Relief from the Degeneration of Circulatory Disorders


Chelation therapy is a medical procedure that involves the administration of  chelating agents to remove heavy metals from the body.

Chelation therapy enhances health by using intravenous chelation agents, vitamins and minerals in conjunction with dietary supplements and life style changes. Chelation therapy can treat and reverse many degenerative illnesses and improve body function. It is mainly used to treat heavy metal toxicity and cardio vascular disease. It also improves conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, cancer, stroke, poor circulation and senility. Chelation refers to the use of a substance that helps remove toxic minerals from the body. This is achieved through the use of a chelator such as EDTA (Ethylene Diamine Tetra Acetic acid), DMPS< DMSA or Vitamin C.

Benefits of Chelation Therapy

Cosmetic changes: more lustrous hair, added eye sparkle, stronger unsplit nails, better skin color, texture and tone, fewer visible wrinkles, lightened age spots, and overall a more youthful appearance; , Improves taste, hearing, and vision; post-cataract surgery vision loss restored; dissolves small cataracts; decreases macular degeneration improves vision in diabetic retinopathy;

Rejuvenates the whole cardiovascular system: reduces blood pressure; improvement in chest pain (angina pectoris) in 19 out of 20 patients(5/1); reduces cholesterol levels(5/2); normalizes cardiac arrhythmias, rapid heart beats, skipped beats, and extra heart beats; reduces blood cholesterol levels; Lowers insulin requirements in diabetics, can save legs in diabetic ulcers , accelerates the healing of lower leg infections and gangrene; Improves psychological and emotional status, reduces anxiety, depression, hyperactivity;

Chelation Therapy Enhances Circulation

Atherosclerosis, the narrowing and stiffening of arteries due to accumulation of plaques, is a primary cause of heart attack and stroke. What is there was a non surgical therapy that could slow the progression of atherosclerosis and restore healthy circulation? Wouldn’t this be preferable to the risk and expense of angioplasty and bypass surgery? EDTA chelation is such a therapy. It is proven means of enhancing health and boosting circulation.

How Does Chelation Therapy Work?

EDTA, a powerful antioxidant enters the bloodstream, latches onto heavy metals like lead, iron and cadmium and carried them out of the body through the urine. E DTA reduces the body’s toxic metal burden and helps slow the process of atherosclerosis. EDTA also removes excess calcium from the artery walls making then more responsive and better able to dilate. Since calcification of the arteries is a major factor in atherosclerosis, this is another way that chelation restores the integrity of arteries and enhances blood flow. . Additionally, EDTA chelation has blood-thinning properties which discourage the formation of potentially dangerous blood clots that can cause a heart attack or stroke.

Chelation Therapy Is A Proven Means Of Enhancing Arterial Health And Boosting Circulation.

After careful assessment, including a detailed history, physical examination and lab investigation, chelation therapy is started. During treatment, which lasts up to three hours, you relax in a recliner while EDTA is slowly administered intravenously.

A complete course of EDTA chelation therapy consists of about 30 treatments, usually done one to three times per week on alternate days.

Over a million patients have undergone chelation therapy. Clients report increased energy, decreased chest pain, increased exercise tolerance, improved circulation in legs, warm feet, less shortness of breath, the ability to walk long distances comfortably and improved brain function. Very often blood test results return to the normal range (Cholesterol, glucose). Chelation therapy has been used to alleviate angina, to reduce high blood pressure, and to spare diabetic patients from limb amputation. After a series of chelation treatments, many patients required less medication and avoided bypass surgery.

Chelation therapy has an impeccable record of safety. Over 500,000 patients have been treated with chelation therapy and not a single fatality has occurred.

What Conditions Benefit From Chelation?

Virtually any conditions in which atherosclerosis or poor circulation are contributing factors can benefit from chelation, such as:

Cardiovascular Disease, Cerebrovascular Disease, Diabetic Complications, Heavy Metal Toxicity, Hypertension, Intermittent Claudication, Memory Disorders, Peripheral Neuropathy, Peripheral Vascular Disease and Slow Healing Wounds.

We follow the standard protocol recommended by the American College for the Advancement of Medicine (ACAM) which is very safe.

To maximize the possible benefits of chelation, lifestyle modification is essential. This includes no smoking, stress reduction, proper diet and regular exercise combined with taking vitamins and mineral supplements.

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